Here’s a short clip of me testing out the new free plugin. Download links for the freeware plugins used in this video: TSE808: GreenGate: LeCto: LeCab: Cab Enhancer: You can find the impulse on this thread:

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  1. impiety666 says:

    Link for the CabEnhancer doesnt work

  2. @jabberwocky1969 as far as I know, StealthPlug is an interface. I’m not familiar with the product so I can’t say anything about the quality difference compared to other interfaces.

  3. jabberwocky1969 says:

    @Ronixis What do you recommend. I’m just using a “wire” from IKMultimedia called “Stealth Plug” Will I notice a big diff. with an interface?

  4. @lifeleech i don’t really hate you, i just hate when people hate my gay memes. :(

  5. @meambobbo hey dude that’s not nice. I don’t hate YOU, just ‘ftw’

  6. @lifeleech well I hate you so i guess we’re even

  7. @meambobbo man i hate that expression ‘ftw’. how is this ‘for the win’?. stupid gay memes

  8. @4CiD911 get a decent audio interface with an instrument input (sometimes called the hi-z input). Set the input gain so it doesn’t clip and you’re set!

  9. @Ronixis I was thinking of mainly how to DI a guitar successfully… totally new at this :L

  10. @4CiD911 all the information you could possibly need is on the video. you’ll find links to all the plugins in the description box.


  12. KevinSheth4L says:

    I’m on a mac so cant get the TSE plugins. Sucks.

  13. KevinSheth4L says:

    Any way I can do this on mac?

  14. johnstrat13 says:

    @ArtificialFlavaFTB2 He has LeCab 1

  15. johnstrat13 says:

    hey can you send me a link for the green gate please? they dont have it up any more :/

  16. strangerhythm says:

    @ArtificialFlavaFTB2 Make sure you actually have wav files loaded when the cab emulator is on, this could explain why you aren’t getting any sound. With lecab off, any guitar vst with overdrive will sound uber fuzzy. the cab sim is key to getting realistic sound.

  17. @richieshearer no post proccessing

  18. richieshearer says:

    Whoa awesome sound! Any post processing like waves comp or anything? ‘Cause mine sounds pretty good but far from this… cheers

  19. @ArtificialFlavaFTB2 I’m not sure, but it might I a problem that the plugin isn’t able the actual .wav impluse files or something like that. Try the newer version, Lecab2 and maybe it’ll work. It’s pratically the same plugin but with more features.

  20. ArtificialFlavaFTB2 says:

    @Ronixis I have a new problem theres gotta be something im doing wrong. I have all the vsts in the descript the that order. When i turn lecab on, it mutes. When i turn lecab off, its UBER fuzzy. I have no idea what Im doing wrong!

  21. @ArtificialFlavaFTB2 check your settings, maybe your plugin has the powerswitch in off position or the master volume is at zero.

  22. ArtificialFlavaFTB2 says:

    I got all these vsts and use them in the same order in mixcraft (with impulses) and I cant hear anything, i recorded my riff and its there, but its muted when I have the Poulin lecto amp or poulin cab on.

  23. ArtificialFlavaFTB2 says:

    What does your poulin lecab look different than mine?

  24. @tohtorigyro ei oo jälki-eq:ta. kitarapatch on identtinen videossa olevan kanssa. tossa on pitch shiftattu kitarabasso taustalla, mikä voi tuoda jotain lisää soundiin. loput onki sit kiinni äänikortin input volumesta, kitarasta, mikeistä ja soittotatsista.

  25. tohtorigyro says:

    ei kyllä mitenkään saa tämmöstä ääntä tulemaan. käytätkö jotain jälki-EQ:ta?

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